Buyers Guide & FAQs

Sleep Facts

Sleep is something we all want, need and don't think about until we are having trouble getting enough.  The truth is that a good night's sleep is crucial we think, work, relate to people and handle stress. Here are some little known facts about Americans and sleep

  • 66% of Americans report losing sleep due to stress, with family matters (22%), job worries (19%), and money problems (13%)
    the primary reasons
  • 63% of women and 54% of men say they experience insomnia at least several nights a week
  • Women report a higher incidence of all the major symptoms of insomnia than men.
  • Women experience more daytime sleepiness at least a few days a week (20%) than men (13%).
  • 27% of women and 20% of men say they are more likely to overeat on days when they haven't gotten enough sleep

Buyer's Guide to Mattresses and Bedding

Mattress buying can be a daunting task for buyers these days.  There are many choices available to buyers... sizes, thicknesses, styles and materials - so many things to decide and how do you know which one is right for you? This buyer's guide can help you to determine which type of mattress you need.  Below we will discuss some frequently asked questions and information on the most popular styles to help you determine which bed is the right bed for your budget and comfort.

How do I know when I need a new mattress? How many years is a mattress supposed to last? 

Mattresses are designed to last for several years. How many years it can last depends on the mattress. If you are currently sleeping on a mattress that is more than 9 years old, then it is probably time for a new one. If you get up in the morning feeling unrested or sore then your mattress is either old and worn out or not the right type for you. If you can see a noticeable sag in the mattress where you usually sleep or in the middle of the mattress then it is getting time for a new one. A mattress that is in good condition should maintain a regular shape. A person spends as much time sleeping, if not more, than they do awake so a good mattress is important to your health and ability to perform daily activities. You owe it to yourself to get the best sleep possible so finding the right mattress for you is a high priority.

Do I need a box spring for my mattress?

Many people believe that the box spring is not an important part of a mattress.  If you put a new mattress on an old box spring it will only last a 1/3 as long as it would if you put it on a new box spring.  It is generally inexpensive to buy the mattress and box springs as a set and is worth the money to make your mattress last longer.  When buying box springs, look for those that are steel, reinforced or heavy duty wood foundation as they will last longer and therefore your mattress will last longer too. 

What about mattress coils? How many should a mattress have and what type?

A mattress core is generally made up of metal coils.  These are what supports your body and make your mattress comfortable  to sleep on.
Mattress brands will often boast about the number of coils they contain.  The higher the number of coils, the more support the mattress provides.  But just because a mattress has fewer coils does not make it inferior to one with more.  It is more about the amount of support, or give, you prefer.  Some people prefer more give and so a mattress with only 300 coils may fit their preference.  People who like "less give" or more support may want a mattress with 700 coils.  There can also be variation in support by the type of coil used in the mattress.  Buyers should be sure to try out different varieties of mattresses to decide the amount of support preferred.
The gauge of the coils of a mattress also varies.  The "gauge" is determined by the number of coils of that particular size it would take to make an inch. Heavy gauge coils offer more support because they are thicker, and so lighter
gauges coils offer less support because they are thinner.  Buyers should be wary of a mattress with a low coil count but heavy gauge coils being sold as "firm mattresses".  This type of mattress will usually become lumpy and uncomfortable over a period of time. The best option is to compare the number and gauge of coils in different mattresses and see which combination you prefer.

What type of top upholstery should I get?

Top upholstery on a mattress is a very important part of a good mattress as it also influences the support and comfort provided.  Pillow tops will provide support of a solid mattress while giving the feel of sleeping on a feather bed. If you prefer very firm support then look for mattresses with thin upholstered tops that wont interfere with coil support. Comfort and price are affected by the type of fabric used in making the mattress. Mattresses made with additional layers of wool, silk, foam or cotton can increase the comfort but will also increase the price.  Consult a sales person and examine the layers used carefully.  Extra layers of padding can sometimes become compressed and break down earlier than the springs causing the mattress to lumpy.  You can add layers to a mattress yourself by using a removable liner or mattress pad.  These can then be replaced as needed. Buyers should look for a balance of comfort and price that is best for them.a

What size mattress do you need?

Below is a breakdown of the standard sizes of mattresses available on the market today.

Twin: 39": x 75":

Double: 54": x 75":

Queen: 60": x 80":

King: 76": x 80":

When buying a queen or king mattress be sure to have a frame that has a solid center support system to prevent your mattress from sagging.

What about Non Spring Mattresses?

There are some types of mattresses that do not use springs and coils, these are usually made of different types of foam.
Memory foam mattresses are sometimes less expensive than other types but depending on the brand and quality the price can vary greatly. Memory foam molds to the shape of your body and is sensitive to your body heat and weight. The heavier the foam a mattress has, the longer it will hold up over time. A good foam mattress can be very comfortable to sleep on, while a poor quality one will wear out much quicker and become lumpy and uncomfortable. Latex foam mattresses are also available to buy and have some great features.  They are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and breathable.  Latex foam also conforms to your body shape and can help alleviate pressure points and be very comfortable.  These mattresses are often higher priced because latex is an expensive material but they do tend to last longer than spring mattresses.  So in the long run they can be cheaper. Remember to research these as there are different forms of latex used in production.

Which extras are really a necessity for good mattress investment?

Everyone is looking for a good comfortable mattress at a great price but don't be fooled into paying for extras that should be included in your new purchase.  Most people can't fit their new mattress in their vehicle and don't have a place to dispose of the old one.  The store you purchase your mattress from should have options for delivery and disposal.  Some stores have financing options that will allow you to make manageable monthly payments. A mattress is a big investment that should last for many years down the road, make sure to research all options to find the best mattress to suit your needs.